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June 7, 2016

Gresham Dentist Discusses Same Day Crowns Part IV, Advantages

As the patient your visit is usually a little longer. But you don’t have to wear a temporary for one to two weeks. And you don’t have to come back for a second visit which saves you from having to get numb again.

If you need a crown please give me a call at 503 665 9737

Harry D Chambers DDS

May 22, 2016

Gresham Dentist Discusses Same Day Crowns Part III, How it Works

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As a dentist I prepare the tooth like I always have. However instead of taking an impression of the tooth and then placing a temporary on it, I take digital pictures of the prepared tooth.  Then on a computer I design the new crown. The computer then sends directions to a milling machine which mills out your new crown here in the office.  It is then bonded to your tooth and you are done.

If you need a crown please give me a call at 503 665 9737                                                                            Harry D Chambers DDS

January 26, 2015

Gresham Dentist Discusses Materials What Same Day Crowns are Made Of

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Now that I am making crowns in one visit at my office I have several choices in the material I use.

I can get all porcelain blocks which are very hard and can be stained to make them look very realistic, particularly on front teeth. However, they do have to be fired in an oven which makes the patient’s visit a little longer than the next two materials. Also because they are so hard they are more brittle than the other options.

I can also get all resin blocks which mill very quickly, and are not brittle like the porcelain ones. However, they will wear faster.

Then there is a hybrid material of porcelain and resin. Visualize a piece of brain coral made out of porcelain and then fill all the voids with resin. This gives us the wear of a porcelain crown but the slight flexibility of resin.  But, as nothing is perfect, it cannot be shaded like a porcelain one could be.  This is my first choice on posterior teeth where aesthetics isn’t as important as it would be on front teeth

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