Choosing a new dentist is always a personal decision. To help you in making that decision I invite you to come in for a get acquainted visit.

As a new patient you will receive a free exam and necessary x-rays while getting to know us. Give us a call:
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Offer expires Oct. 31st, 2018

Specialty Dental Services in Gresham, OR

As much as our team loves to enhance a smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments, the focus of our practice is to help you manage your dental health. We offer a variety of patient services to keep your teeth healthy, restore damage, and prevent problems.

Preventive Dental Care Services

We perform an initial examination on all new patients to catch disease and other problems before they cause pain. During this exam, our dental team checks your bite and jaw joint, screens for oral cancer, and charts your gums to monitor periodontal disease. Our hygienist may also clean your teeth, schedule your next appointment, and discuss the following preventive care treatments with you:

Smoking Cessation in One Hour

The most important source of preventable morbidity and premature mortality in the United States is tobacco use, especially cigarette smoking. Tobacco is responsible for one in five deaths, primarily from cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, other types of cancer and respiratory diseases. In relation to oral health, smokers have seven times the risk of developing gum disease compared to non-smokers. Tobacco use in any form – cigarettes, pipes, and smokeless (spit) tobacco - increase the risk for gum disease, oral and throat cancers, and oral fungal infection (candidiasis). Spit tobacco containing sugar increases the risk of tooth decay.

Smoking cessation and tobacco use cessation carries immediate health benefits for patients, increasing overall life expectancy and reducing the risk of tobacco related diseases.

We offer smoking cessation with Bobbie, a hygienists trained in a system that has helped thousands of people all over the world stop smoking in one hour. Bobbie is part of an international network of smoking cessation specialists. She is certified by Smoke Free International and by the International Hypnosis Federation as a smoking cessation specialist/hypnotherapist.

Restorative Dental Care Services

You may not realize how important your teeth are until an accident or other trauma damages their function or appearance. Dr. Chambers can restore decaying, chipped, or broken teeth with a variety of restorative services. He can also replace older dental work, such as dentures or amalgam fillings, with more effective appliances, such as dental implants or tooth-colored fillings.

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